References and Testimonials

“My experience and benefits through life coaching with Rev. Wendy Burroughs were significant. Her amazing insight and skill in guiding me from chaotic “monkey-mind” to more grounded, creative spiritual being has been life changing. At times I resisted, but she persisted in her kind, loving, professional way. After several months of face-to-face and phone sessions, my creativity expanded, my jewelry business was more successful, and I had much less “drama” in my life & family relationships. I look forward to working to the next level with Rev. Wendy soon!” ~ T.B.

“I have known Rev. Wendy in a variety of capacities. First, I was consistently impressed by the inspiring, thoughtful Sunday talks she gave at our Unity church. Then as a business coach, Wendy helped me create a realistic working schedule, find appropriate sales venues, and figure out the best way to photograph and keep track of my diverse inventory. She also guided me through the lengthy process of putting my estate in order – including all legal papers and financial decisions. Finally, I’d been single for many years and was longing to be in a relationship. As a personal coach, Wendy helped me identify the qualities I was looking for in a partner and what I wanted to give and receive in a relationship. It worked! My soul mate and I found each other, and nine months later Rev. Wendy officiated at our wedding! Her detailed planning guide made it easy for us to plan our ceremony, and thanks largely to her gracious, luminous presence at our wedding, we will always cherish the delightful memories we have of that day.” ~ T.L.

“Working with Wendy was a wonderful experience. She was always supportive as she helped me learn to set reasonable, doable goals of things I was willing to work on and be held accountable. She also helped me learn to recognize the ways in which I was encountering “trouble at the border” and how to turn my attention, focus, and energy towards moving in the direction of my Life’s Intentions. I highly recommend Wendy as a coach.” ~ J.L.

“The coaching with Wendy gave me a more concrete way to organize the wildly unorganized goals, fears, dreams and uncertainties I felt about my future. Wendy’s advocacy for me to find my truth along with the depth and breadth of her coaching expertise proved invaluable to my future planning – both long-term and short-term. She is a compassionate, rigorous, trustworthy, spiritually grounded professional.” ~ B.L.

“Coaching with Wendy was a beautiful experience – in one part to be guided through the experience the process of moving past old restrictions and opening and unfolding the wonderfulness within yourself. But the other part is Wendy herself – her soul shines in beauty. She is warm, supportive, encouraging, and grounded; willing to be there in the moment with you, willing to take you a step back for perspective when needed, willing to help you find your truth. I loved Wendy’s approach because she had me set specific goals and taught me tools to reach those goals and to continue working once the coaching goal was met.” ~ M.L.

“Rev. Wendy presented a one day “Live your Greatness” retreat to our women’s group. We on the planning committee were delighted with the way Wendy took care of the details of the day. Our members enjoyed her presentations. She made having the one day retreat easy for the planners. The entire day was presented in activities which built one on the other to create an entire experience that our participants loved.

Wendy was always enthusiastic and joyful. It was truly a delight to have her facilitate our group. We definitely would recommend “live your greatness” to others.” C.W.

These are some words from our evaluation pages…

“I enjoyed the continuity of the activities and exercises.”

“I loved sharing in small groups.”

“I enjoyed every minute of the process Rev. Wendy presented to us.”

“It was a GREAT day. a perfect 10”

“Wendy was a wonderful facilitator. She is full of enthusiasm, grace and joy. She’s also so well organized”

On a scale of 1-10. Everyone answered 10, except one person who said.

“This retreat was a 15! Wendy is such a divinely inspired speaker.”